Welcome to InfoCamp!

What is InfoCamp?

InfoCamp Seattle is an affordable, inclusive unconference where people excited about information gather to share knowledge, explore ideas, and build community.

At InfoCamp, you’ll meet professionals and practitioners from industry, academia, non-profits, government, libraries, and other sectors; people seeking work; hobbyists; and students.

This year’s theme — Impact

Join us at InfoCamp Seattle 2016 to discuss the impact of technological innovation on our lives, our communities, and our world.


How to participate

InfoCamp sessions are driven by participants.  We lend our ideas and perspectives to discussions on the topics we’re interested in.  The best way to participate is to come curious and informed.  Reflect on your interests that align with our goals and review material that will help you contribute to a discussion on the way things are and where they should go.
If you have an idea to share or want to lead a session, please get in touch!